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Barr Morris Sailing

Barr Morris on his Star boat “Tim-Log” in the 1960s

A reunion (on Dan’s 50th anniversary and Camp Timlo’s 80th) will be held the last weekend in June 2014 for all who can attend. It will be on Trout Lake at Twin Pines Resort on Trout Lake, the weekend of June 27 – 29, 2014…all campers and counselors are welcome to attend with their families.  Make your reservations today with Tom McGurl at (518) 644-2161 or Email:  Our reserved cabins to date are Adirondack and Algonquin. Contact Dan at for schedule information if you plan to attend. Click here to see latest blog entry and take the poll.

These famous Adirondack children’s camps were owned and managed by Barr S Morris and his wife Margy in the 1960′s and 70′s, along with Barr’s father William G Morris and his wife Dorothy, the camp’s founder (1935).  A sister Camp Pine Log on Second Lake near Lake Luzerne village (founded in 1923 and purchased by the Morris family in 1960), also owned and managed by the Morris’, was moved to Trout Lake next to Camp Timlo in 1976. The camps were closed mid-summer 1977. The Morris family and the Camps were located near Lake George, NY. This Web site was created after Barr Morris’ death in September of 2012 and dedicated to his memory. Click here for more information about this site and the camp founders.

This Web site was created to provide a resource for memories for those who experienced the rich and exciting environment these unique children’s camps provided in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State located near Lake George on Trout Lake at Diamond Point, NY. Dan Koenig, a student at Indiana University, arrived at Camp Timlo in the summer of 1965 and began his experience as the camp director of camping trips and taught photography. Dan became the Head Counselor of the camp in 1968 and continued in this role through the summer of 1976 (with the exception of the years, 72, 73 and 75 when Bob Northrop (72 & 73) and Rick Houston (75), served as Head Counselor) with Dan returning in 1976 for his last year. Dan collected many items of memorabilia and photographs and in his retirement moved these items to this Web site for the enjoyment of all who experienced the camp during this period. Since this site was created in 2012, just prior to Barr Morris’ death, notes and memories are a bit clouded. Dan may need some of your collected Timlogs and Logs or Camp Directories to verify these dates and memories. It would be great to have missing information from camper and counselor private collections to add, where appropriate.

After a trip to Albany, NY in October 2012 to meet with Margy Morris, the Camp Timlo Co-Owner and director during its period of operation, Dan was able to collect a few of the remaining slides and photographs from the family collection. Stacey Morris, Barr and Margy’s oldest daughter, was most helpful in securing a box of slides found among the family’s holdings. These were slides used to promote the camp for future prospects and present to past campers at reunions during the winters. Slides from 1958 to 1977 were discovered among the collection. These slides were scanned and added by year (when known) to this site for the enjoyment of those who attended Camp Timlo and Pine Log Camps.

The formal photographs for the final full year, 1976, were also found. A few of these formal groupings had name identification on the back. These IDs were inscribed on the bottom front of the scanned photos and added to the slide show. These were the only identified photos available. No other Timlogs, Logs, or correspondence were available. The camp office was destroyed and all documents were lost when the property was sold to developers in the late 1970′s. Many memories remain in the minds (and a few in the holdings) of past campers and counselors. This site will serve as a museum of scanned documents to remember these Adirondack summer camps that were so very important in the lives of hundreds living today throughout the world…and provide a visual history for their offspring.

If you found this site and would like to contribute to the memories by adding a story or experience, register (Click “Log-in” on the right bottom panel) for access to the blog at this site. You may need to wait for an email when your registration is approved for your password, before you are able to access the Blog pages. If you have pictures or newsletters “Timlogs,” please feel free to scan them and send them to Dan via email for inclusion in the site…or send originals via mail to be scanned and returned. Also, send information to add to the calendar any events you think might be of interest to past campers or counselors, including reunion events or informal get-togethers open to the public. Enjoy the site and help contribute to it’s contents. You may comment on any page without registration.

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  1. Joshua Goldman
    Joshua Goldman
    at · Reply

    I remember the first day of camp one year and all the Comets were painted. WOW we thought–Barr bought new Boats! As I ran down the hill toward the lake I realized that they were the SAME ole boats that had been painted.

    Since my camp days I have owned and/or sailed Comets. Stars, Etchells, J-24s, Sonars, Lightnings and a Soverell 33.

    I competed several times in Bermuda Int’l race Week and most recently sailed in the Lightning Worlds in Castiglione del Lago, Italy.

  2. Stacey Morris
    at · Reply

    You’re doing amazing work Dan! Thank You so much for preserving Timlo and Pine Log’s legacy. I love reading the memories of former campers. My Father would be proud and very grateful…as are we.

  3. Ed
    at · Reply

    Hi. What a great discovery to find there actually IS a site for Camp Timlo! In 1949 …or 50, 51, 0r 52, my brother and I both spent a summer at Timlo an left with positive and enduring memories, skills, and appreciations.

  4. Ed
    at · Reply

    (Ed again…lost page) At the time, my mom worked for Barr Morris in Albany where she also worked for Herzog, Nichols, and Lehey. In going through my mom’s keepsakes, I came across a Camp Timlo award banner (green/white), pictures of being given milk and cookies on the dining hall porch by, I think, the nurse, and my letters from camp. I am very sorry to have read that Barr died a year ago this month; I would have liked to let him and the family know how much my family benefited…then and now…from affording us the opportunity to grow at Camp Timlo.

  5. John Vicino
    John Vicino
    at · Reply

    I think I can help place the year I went to Timlo in the 1960,s. There was a Solar Eclipse and one of the assistant counselors who won the talent show with a song, had an attack of appendicitis. We all got haircuts from two visiting barbers during our stay. It was the first time in my life that I hit a homerun and I won a pro marksman award. Boy, the memories are coming back in leaps and bounds. More to follow

  6. Byron King
    Byron King
    at · Reply

    Henry Posner and I came up from Pittsburgh, and attended Camp Timlo in the summer of 1966. Coming on 48 years later (!), and I still remember much of it. Morning calisthentics, rifle range, archery, swimming, sailing. Delightful summer weather, counselors and other kids… Looking back, it was another world… part of a long-lost time in a very different country. I hope that all who read this are well, and that life has been kind to you. Best, BWK

  7. Katherine Gallagher Payne
    Katherine Gallagher Payne
    at · Reply

    My father, Bill Gallagher, and his brother, John, attended Timlo. My brother, Chris, was a counselor there in ’71 . My sister and I attended Pine Log…still have the happiest of memories…absolutely adored it! I remember playing “spin the flashlight” at a mixer Timlo threw for the girls of Pine Log! (I don’t think the counselors knew what we were up to!). Happy times!

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